The fund was set up in 2010 in conjunction with the 60-year birthday celebration of Katrine Solhaug’s father, John-Daniel Solhaug. This fund supports education, sports programs, healthcare and projects that fight against plastic pollution.

  • Education. The fund is the main supporter of Babel Education Program, but it has also supported young Cambodians through the young adult program of Sangkheum Center for children and several other underprivileged children in different parts of Cambodia.  

  • Sports programs. The fund has supported several different sports programs for children throughout the years. The last few years the fund has especially focused on football teams for girls.

  • Health care. Through the fund, we have also been able to change lives by supporting emergency hospital visits for staff and their families, as well as, other families in the countryside. We have supported surgeries for several different issues; such as ectopic pregnancy, goiter surgery, new eardrums and various issues after several different motor accidents. We have also given support to The Lake Clinic – who provides necessary health care to people living on Lake Tonle Sap.

  • Fight against plastic pollution. Through our Fund we have helped Naga Earth raise money for Cambodia’s first recycling machine for hard plastic, and supported their program to provide free soap in refillable aluminum soap bottles for children in the countryside.