Responsible Tourism Practice at Babel Guesthouse

We only hire local Staff and Tuk Tuk drivers who receive good working conditions, plenty of training, on site English lessons and the possibility to be sponsored with higher education trough Babel Education Program. We work together with several organizations and like-minded businesses to support the local community and protect the environment, and we try our best to pass on our knowledge to our guests so that their visit can benefit the local community.

Who we work with


Babel Education Program

All staff and Tuk Tuk drivers at Babel Guesthouse are getting the opportunity to be sponsored with higher education through the Babel Education Program. We offer scholarships at Build Bright University (BBU), ACE school and The University of South East Asia. We also provide English lessons here at Babel Guesthouse two times a week with teacher Jonathon Horder, and we have formerly supported French, German and Spanish classes here at Babel.

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The fund was set up in 2010 in conjunction with the 60-year birthday celebration of Katrine Solhaug’s father, John-Daniel Solhaug. The main aim of the fund is to support EDUCATION, as we strongly believe that knowledge is the key – the key to the path out of poverty, the key to a better life and a brighter future for Cambodia. The fund is the main supporter of Babel Education Program, but it has also supported young Cambodians through the Young Adult Program of Sangkheum Center for children and several other underprivileged children in different parts of Cambodia. The fund also supports sports programs, healthcare and projects that fight against plastic pollution.



Three months out of every year, Babel Guesthouse is the home to Norwegian Tourism students. In cooperation with the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, the students gets the chance to take part of their Bachelor Degree in Siem Reap, and specialize in Responsible Tourism.


Friends International

Friends International started the ChildSafe Movement in 2005 - to protect children and youth from all forms of abuse. Babel Guesthouse has been a ChildSafe certified business since the very beginning of 2008. Every year our staff receive updated ChildSafe training. We are also the first (and only) guesthouse/hotel in Cambodia to include all our Tuk Tuk drivers in this important training to protect children at risk.


Naga Earth

We donate our used cooking oil to Naga Earth and we use their Eco-friendly biodiesel in our generator. We use their wonderful foaming hand soap in our kitchen and bar, for our staff, and in our guest toilet downstairs. Eventually you will find this Eco-friendly soap in every room of our guesthouse and for refill in Babel Eco-shop and Refill Station. Staff and Tuk Tuk drivers from Babel have also completed several recycling workshops with Naga Earth, and learned how to recycle our own paper.

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Refill NOT Landfill

The Refill NOT Landfill campaign aims to reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in the Cambodian countryside as a result of Tourism. Babel Guesthouse has been part of this campaign from its initiation, and we offer free water in our refill station here at Babel.


Plastic Free Cambodia

Plastic Free Cambodia (PFC) is working to reduce the use of single-use plastic in order to create a healthier community and environment. Babel Guesthouse received a certificate from PFC after all staff and Tuk Tuk drivers attended our first plastic reduction workshop in 2018.