Responsible Tourism practice at Babel Guesthouse

Babel Guesthouse is owned by the Norwegian couple Katrine and Simen who have been back and forth to Cambodia since 2007. They have a strong passion for Responsible Tourism, and have always run Babel Guesthouse with an active focus on giving back to the local society.

“We only hire local Staff and Tuk Tuk drivers who receive good working conditions, plenty of training, on site English lessons and the possibility to be sponsored with higher education trough Babel Education Program. We work together with several organizations and like-minded businesses to support the local community and protect the environment, and we try our best to pass on our knowledge to our guests so that their visit can benefit the local community”.


How can YOU be a Responsible Traveler

Making responsible choices about your holiday can help protect communities and the environment. Your choices can reduce the negative impact of traveling abroad, help to protect the heritages and preserve local cultures, and ensure the destination as a whole benefit.


Responsible dining

There are numerous restaurants and cafés in Siem Reap with a strong focus on Responsible Tourism and the environment. Here is a list of recommendations from us at Babel Guesthouse. Eat at ANY of these restaurants, and know that you are dining for a good cause. And you are guaranteed great service, lots of smiles and GOOD FOOD.


Responsible shopping

There are many good shopping opportunities in and around Siem Reap. In the middle of the city center, you´ll find the Old Market and several Night markets, and you´ll find small stalls everywhere when walking around in all the little streets around Pub Street.

Unfortunately, lot of the souvenirs you find in these markets and stalls here are made in China. In fact, as much as around 80% of souvenirs sold in Siem Reap are imported from neighboring countries while local artisans struggle to compete with cheap machine made items.

So… to make sure your shopping is more responsible, we have made a little list for you to check out. Shop in ANY of these places and know that your money is spent wisely – giving back to the local community in Cambodia, creating jobs and a brighter future.